mercoledì 17 luglio 2013

[2013] DiSturbi #2: la sessione estiva di _Anth3m_

'Sup. It's all in the info file, guys. Have a nice time.


01. Operation: Tracker
02. Stress Disorder
03. >track title goes here< [lazy unrelated quote]
04. Das Kathedrale
05. Railway Suicide
06. Blackout!
07. A song to Apathy
08. Northern Waste
09. Spit

Artist: _Anth3m_
Album: DiSturbi #2: la sessione estiva di _Anth3m_
Year: 2013
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Genre: Electronic, Dubstep (?), Stresscore, Cazzi e mazzi (i don't know the english equivalent, sorry)

giovedì 6 giugno 2013

[2013] Data Stream - _Anth3m_


01 - S.S.S.S. (Synthetic Sonic Soul Shredder)
02 - Videogame Inferno 2.0
03 - Fuga dal sotteraneo
04 - Rock Fluttershy's Emotions (Kitsune^2 sort-of cover)
05 - Abisso di ferro, il porcile senza porci
06 - La città grigia
07 - Rain of mercury - attack of the alien ants [Doom Jaws unreleased track] (Bonus Track)

Artist: _Anth3m_
Data Stream
Year: 2013
Bitrate:320 kbps
8bit/Chiptune/Elettronica/Elettronica Ambient/VIULEEENZA

sabato 9 febbraio 2013

_Anth3m_ - lecoseacaso

Sup guys. The other day i found myself listening to some of my jam sessions and i thought: "hey, these aren't so bad, why not releasing them?" So here they are, seven tracks that represents my best results at improvisation: these are recordings of me using my Casio (tracks 1,2), my Nintendo DS (tracks 4,5) and my guitar with my effect station (tracks 3,6,7). I hope you have fun listening to these tracks almost as much as i did playing them. And if you notice dissonances or evident mistakes, remember this: these are jam sessions, not premeditated tracks, and most of the time I paly, I don't have even the slightest idea of what i'm doing. Oh, last two notes: there is no manipulation of any sort on these tracks, and the date between parenthesis is the date of recording. See you next time, hoping it doesn't take too long.

01. welp (04-11-2011)
02. creepyweepybeeps (04-01-2012)
03. no title here, sorry (14-02-2012)
04. hai guise, imma scratching and stuff(12-12-2012)
05. elettronica minimale e un tantino dissonante a buffo (15-12-2012)
06. la noia e il tape echo (02-01-2013)
07. saaaaadness (03-01-2013)

Artist name: _Anth3m_
Album title: lecoseacaso
Genre: Experimental, electronic, ambient, post-rock(????)
Bitrate: 320 kpbs

domenica 18 novembre 2012

_Anth3m_ - DiSturbi #1

Wow, seems like I'm still alive (not quite). Here's a two-track, live recorded demo made entirely with a Ninendo DS plugged into my SX guitar amp. Since i suck at choosing the tracks' titles, i used puns about the names of the two softwares i used in this session (for those intrested, Arc and Protein[ds], both of them are free). The first track is plain simple chiptune, while the second one... well... heck, I don't really know, if you have a definition for that leave a comment and tell me. Hope you enjoy this release.


01. Arc(ade)
02. High on protein(d)s

Artist name: _Anth3m_
Album name: DiSturbi #1
Bitrate: 320 kbps

giovedì 13 settembre 2012

Random news

No, I'm not dead. I just have stuff to do. While waiting for full releases here a couple of tracks i made these days.

Headphones recommended for the last one.

venerdì 17 agosto 2012

_Anth3m_ - Sleepless (demo)

This demo is a live recording of me playing guitar and... err... "singing" (more like whispering in fact) at the same time. It's my first real attempt to sing and play at the same time. The only instrument used in this demo is a classic guitar.


01. Whispering Vision
02. Grey Clouds

Artist name: _Anth3m_
Album name: Sleepless (acoustic demo)
Bitrate: that's a really good question, i don't remeber it.

(Unrelated note: i find it irritating to wrtie in 3rd person, so from now on i'll write in 1st person)

giovedì 16 agosto 2012

Errata corrige

I just noticed that i got the name wrong. Since i use the fibonacci series there should not be a zero, i'm going to change it now, even in the url.